How do you say Que haces in english?

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What are you doing

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Que haces is Spanish for "What are you doing?" or "What do you do?"

The word qué (meaning what) needs an accent to distinguish it from another que (which is often translated as that).

For example:

¿Qué (has an accent) trabajo haces? Means What work do you do? or "What do you work with?"

El trabajo que (no accent) haces. Means The work that you do.

The first "Qué" is mostly for questions.

If you don´t have a question mark the meaning could be different:

Quiero aprender a hacer lo que haces.
I want to learn to do what you do/make.

Context is important

In Argentina "qué hacés" also means how are you. To ask "what are you doing?" we should say "qué estás haciendo?" not "qué hacés".

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